Workwear Printing

For workwear printing in Cambridge look no further.

A far-flung fantasy for some, working from home, or ‘wfh’ quickly became a thing. Now, it looks like we might be wfh for a while yet, perhaps even beyond the pandemic.

Our workwear range of comfy, designer wfh wear that allows you to represent your brand whilst on virtual events and customer calls. All pieces are made from relaxed, cosy materials and feature your embroidered logo.

Workwear Range
Workwear Tops

Everyone knows by now that it’s what you wear on your top half that really matters when wfh. Our range of Workwear tops allow you to put on a respectable on-brand Zoom appearance with minimal effort.

What you wear on your bottom half might be less important, after all no one can see it. But if you’re all about the comfort, check out our ‘below the desk’ ideas further down the page.

Polo Shirts

from £25.08

Short and long sleeved, men’s and women’s fit, leisure and sport styles. Choose designs and colour combinations that coordinate with your brand.

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Hoodies & Zoodies

from £32.05

It can get chilly when you’re sat at a desk all day. Branded hoodies and zoodies are a modern way to keep cosy whilst representing your company.

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from £42.97

Comfy doesn’t have to mean casual. Embroidered cardigans are the perfect option for a layered outfit that will continue to look smart all day long.

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from £21.07

For warmer days, or for those who like to crank up the heating in their home offices, embroidered tops and t-shirts are a cool option for your work uniform.

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Workwear Hats

Turn bad hair days into a fashion statement, or simply keep cosy with our range of stylish hats. Choose from beanies or caps – both can be emblazoned with your company logo for maximum visibility on those impromptu video calls.

Embroidered hats are probably the most cost effective way to wear your brand, and a great way to see how your logo looks in stitched format.

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Workwear Bottoms

We know. Generally speaking, no one is going to see what you’re wearing below the desk. But sitting on a chair all day can get pretty uncomfortable. And being uncomfortable is one of our pet hates. So we aim to resolve that with our stylish bottoms.

Great for lounging at your desk. Even better for those spontaneous stretching sessions. And if you need to pop out for a quick site visit, you’ll still look the part.


from £43

Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s no need to get your running trainers on with these. They’re just a really comfy outfit for long days at the home office.

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from £37.02

If your legs prefer to be out in the open, and plenty of legs do. Let them. With your logo neatly stitched on the pocket, you’ll still look work-ready.

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Workwear Jackets

Branded outerwear, like jackets and gilets, act as the finishing touch to your new embroidered wfh wardrobe. Compliment your work outfits with a versatile garment that can be worn indoors and outdoors.

An embroidered logo on the chest can be paired with an additional decoration on the upper arm or across the back to get your brand noticed everywhere you go.

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Made in the UK

Delivery included

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Free stitch pattern

The Order Process

1. Choose your garment type and a colour option to compliment your brand.

2. Decide how many garments you need and select a combination of sizes to suit you and your team.

3. Choose the location of your embroidered logo, upload your files and we’ll convert it into a stitch pattern.

4. Check out, sit back and await your new extremely funky and comfy wfh wear to arrive.

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Workwear FAQ's

Can I add more embroidery to the back of my garment?

Yes. Each garment includes a simple embroidered logo in one position, add as many other locations as you’d like, additional costs will depend on the complexity of the embroidery and how many locations you choose.

Can I choose different colours of garments for each person?

Yes, no problem. You can keep adding different colour options to your order. Think about if your logo will work on all colours. You may need a few versions of your embroidered logo.

My logo is very detailed, can you still embroider it?

Yes! We will be able to advise how best to simplify the design to ensure the best results and confirm costs. The cost of a simple logo is included in the garment price.

How many colours can my embroidered logo use?

We’d recommend keeping it simple, most embroidered logos have 6 or less. If you require more, we can use up to 15.