Exhibitions, trade shows and expos are a great way to find new clients, launch new products and try out new things. They’re an investment. But, take the time to plan your show, and you could reap big rewards.

Sometimes it’s not just what you say, it’s how you look when you’re saying it. Our Exhibit range gives you the tools to emphasise your message. For the first time, create enormous eye-catching displays without the eye-watering price tag.

Seeing is believing. Drop by your local printing.com studio to goggle at the samples and talk through the best options for your business.

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Displays Stands

All of our display stands come with their own bag and are highly portable. Simply clip together the aluminium frames, then pull over the fabric graphic. Use at exhibitions, trade shows, networking meetings or for in-store point-of-sale. When the show’s over, dismantle the display stand in minutes and be on your way. The fabric graphics are changeable and additional covers can be ordered separately for different events.

Some of the displays stands also incorporate literature dispensers, tv brackets or tablet holders to make them even more effective.

Python Display Stands

Impressive and imposing sculptures. Choose from 1.9m, 2.3m or a huge 3.5m tall display.

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Totem Display Stand

Perfect for navigation, our slimline Totem has a small footprint. Collapses down into a small bag.

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Axe Display Stand

Great to use for event signage. Get a different message printed on either side to maximise it’s use.

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Kangaroo Display Stand

Supplied with two baskets to hold up to 5cm of A4 landscape size literature.

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Peacock Display Stand

A complete sales solution. Comes with a tv bracket, tablet holder and two literature baskets.

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Padium Display Stand

Fix a tablet to the top with the supplied bracket to make an interactive display stand.

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Our fabric booths are dual purpose. They make cosy office meeting areas and double-up as backdrops for exhibitions.

Inside each booth is an aluminium skeleton. It clips together in under ten minutes. Then the enormous fabric cover slides over the top over and zips up underneath. The whole thing collapses into a carry bag which fits easily into a car boot.

Let your imagination go wild. They look best when you treat the outside as the external view and then something different inside. Think castle wall, spaceship or bunker on the outside. Then make the interior feel like you’ve stepped into a cosy space. There’s serious purpose to this frivolity. It encourages creative thinking and sparks imagination.

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Open plan is sooo last decade. Studies have shown that breaking up spaces can improve productivity and reduce stress. But that doesn’t mean you need to call the builders in. Fabric displays make excellent room dividers.

Each side can be printed with a different design. Theme two different areas with a single display by using both sides. As an extra bonus, fabric has natural acoustic properties and helps to reduce clatter and clanging, particularly in areas with wooden or hard floors. And one more thing. Going to an event? Include your logo on the design and take it with you as a backdrop.

Straight Backdrops

Use individually, or combine our Stage 46, Stage 30 and Stage 18’s to make L-Shaped or U-shaped displays.

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Curved Backdrops

Each curved backdrop has a continuous graphic, so you don’t need to worry about lining up panels!

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Concave Backdrop

This large panoramic 4m wide concave stand has three stabilising legs at the back.

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Tabletop Backdrops

Choose a straight or curved display to act as a dramatic backdrop on top of your expo table.

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Let’s do a little experiment. On your way home tonight, count the number of flags you see. They’re absolutely everywhere.

Why’s that? Well for around a hundred quid, you get a huge, fluttering, piece of eye catching marketing for your business. They are such great value, it’s no wonder businesses are lining them up on their forecourt, outside their front door and on every corner of their exhibition stands.

All our flags are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. They’re double-hemmed for durability, with a strong pole pocket which is designed to be used multiple times.

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Have you seeeeeen the price of hiring expo furniture? Why not invest in your own branded fabric furniture that can be used at different events over and over again.

From informal beanbags and cubes, to relaxing deckchairs, there are so many ways to brand seating areas. And don’t forget to add a table or two – it’s always useful to have a steady surface to rest a laptop and coffees on during a long expo day.

Mojito Cocktail Table

These tables provide a useful platform whilst working hard to promote your brand, product or service at the same time.

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Kiosk Booth

A neat solution for information kiosks or sample giveaway booths. Who knows. Maybe even a lemonade stand in the summer.

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Make your own comfy chill out area with these personalised beanbags. Great for casual meeting areas.

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Seating Cubes

Add the finishing touch to your exhibition area or office space with fully personalised fabric seating cubes.

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Make your own comfy chill out area with these personalised beanbags. Great for casual meeting areas.

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These look great displayed in groups at events and create a big visual impact.

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Printed Gazebos are all the rage at farmer’s markets, festivals and fairs. The Gazebo frame is compact for storage, then pops up and locks into place.

You’ve got a choice of a plain black canopy, your name or logo printed on the front fascia or your branding fully printed on all sides and the top too. Each canopy is made of a water resistant material that’ll keep you and your stock dry if it rains.

Clip on the number of sides you want. A full height wall hangs from the top, or you can choose half height walls, which come with a rail. Why not print a half height wall for the front too, to act as a cool branded counter?

Remember you can buy all the printed parts separately, so you can change your messages for each season or each event, and keep using the same frame. Neat!

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