Got something to shout about? Make sure everyone sees your advertising messages with BIG printed posters. Available from just one copy, they are the ideal solution for cost effective, short term marketing campaigns.

Our large format posters have a quick turnaround. That means you can respond to current events and have relevant messages up at your office, shop, studio, exhibition or event in a matter of days. Change your displays as often as you want without the burden of a big investment. A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 posters printed at Cambridge

We have an impressive selection of fine posters. Browse them all below, or speak to us at Cambridge to find out which one is right for your business.


Our digitally printed posters are available in a number of different standard large format sizes, as well as custom sizes. They’re all available from just one copy, so you can configure exactly what you need for your projects.

Printing is done in full colour using latex inks, which makes them water and UV resistant. So, you can be confident that they will look their best for the duration of your campaign. A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 poster printing in Cambridge.

Indoor Posters


Great for displaying messages directly on a wall or in a fancy frame. Printed in full colour on a thick satin coated paper.

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Outdoor Posters


Display messages outdoors to capture even more attention. Passers-by won’t be able to miss these vibrant PVC Posters.

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Grey Back Posters


If your posters are being displayed in a window, these Grey Back Posters will reduce the amount of light showing through.

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Backlit Posters


Backlit Posters are designed to be lit from behind. The transparent substrate allows light through for a luminous display.

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Whoever said size doesn’t matter was clearly talking nonsense. Of course it matters. Although it’s just as important as where you stick it. And how many times it gets seen.

Think about all the places your customers go. Your office, your store, your reception. Past your window. Your waiting room, your till point, your warehouse. All of these are potential points of contact. They’re places you could talk to your customers… without actually being there.


So, if you need a larger number of posters to fulfil your big marketing plans, we’d recommend printing these litho at Cambridge They’re available from 50 copies, and up, and they work out more cost effective per copy if you need to place a bulk order.

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1mm Foamex printing in Cambridge is a great choice for more rigid posters. The heavy grade foam PVC, results in a firm, yet lightweight, flat product. At this thickness, larger sizes can become flexible, but they are ideal for fixing to an internal walls or inside frames. The also have the added bonus of being suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Your design will be printed directly onto the foamex with UV inks at 1400dpi photographic quality, which gives a stunning professional finish.

Foamex Posters


These are made from foam PVC, which results in a rigid yet lightweight poster. Fix them to walls or display in a frame.

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Shaped Foamex Posters


Add a shape to increase the impact of your design. Great for interior signage, retail messages and menu boards.

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Draw attention to your advertising message by getting it printed on a huge PVC banner. Hang it up outside your office building or work premises and let it do the talking for you.

These PVC banners have a 3 year UV and water resistant durability and can be used indoors and outdoors. They also have welded hems and include the option of eyelets and cable ties for easy hanging at no extra charge. For PVC banner printing in Cambridge click the link below.


Think of Roller Banners as big, portable posters that can be easily carried to any event or exhibition at the drop of a hat. They are lightweight, and roll up into an aluminium cartridge for safe transportation when you’re finished for the day.

All of the Roller Banners come fitted with a Grey Back poster – which means that light show-through will be prevented, displaying you design to it’s very best. For all of Cambridge's roller banners see below.

0.8m Roller Banner

800mm wide

Two twist out feet, 2m high, bungee pole. Carry bag included.

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0.85m Roller Banner

850mm wide

Single rear twist out foot, 2m high, heavy duty bungee pole. Padded carry bag included.

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1.5m Roller Banner

1500mm wide

Twin twist out feet, 2m high, bungee pole. Carry bag included.

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All Roller Banners

800mm - 1500mm wide

Twin twist out feet, 2m high, bungee pole. Carry bag included.

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