Enhance brand visibility with custom printed leaflets

When it comes to offline marketing, printed leaflets are the most versatile and cost effective way for you to reach your target audience and enhance brand visibility.

The tangible nature of printed leaflets allows for direct and personal engagement with potential customers. Unlike digital ads that may get lost in a sea of online content, printed leaflets can be physically distributed to specific locations or handed out during events, enabling you to reach local communities directly. This physical presence fosters a sense of trust and legitimacy, making it easier to make a lasting impression.

All types of businesses can use printed leaflets to showcase products, services, and unique selling points in a visually appealing manner. Eye-catching designs, vivid imagery, and persuasive content combine to effectively convey a brand message and call-to-action.

Use printed leaflets creatively by including special offers, discounts, or QR codes, and encourage recipients to take immediate action. Unlike digital marketing, printed leaflets avoid ad-blockers, ensuring that your message reaches your intended audience directly and increases the likelihood of generating leads for your business.

By combining the advantages of physical engagement and creative presentation, printed leaflets offer a cost-effective and impactful tool for your business to boost your marketing efforts and grow your customer base.

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Why you need a great leaflet

As a professional business, you’ll no doubt have many things that you want to communicate to your customers, and the wider public. You might have a new product about to launch, a new restaurant opening, a new class starting, or seasonal offers coming up.

The leaflet you choose to carry these messages will set the tone for your communication. A well designed, quality printed leaflet will positively reinforce your message, so it needs to look the business.

Shop by stock

90gsm Silk

Feels mightier than its modest 90gsm label.

  • Cost effective
  • Good for mass mailings

100gsm Uncoated

A tiptop choice if your desire is to put pen to paper.

  • Good for writing on
  • Gives a soft hue to colours

120gsm Recycled

Start to enhance your green credentials.

  • Good for writing on
  • 100% recycled fibres

130gsm Gloss

Add a dash of dazzle to your promotional pamphlets.

  • Gloss enhanced colours
  • Great for menus

170gsm Gloss

For your most vivid creations, watch the colours come to life.

  • Excellent for promotions
  • ‘Grade A’ gloss art paper

170gsm Uncoated

The uncoated surface is charmingly tactile.

  • Thick, spongy texture
  • Natural finish

170gsm Silk

A marvellous choice if you’re looking to impress.

  • Thickest leaflet
  • Soft, sheen finish

Shop by format

Flat Leaflets

Just the ticket for menus, price lists, promos, even – tickets!

  • Choice of sizes and stocks
  • Custom sizes available

Folded Leaflets

When you’ve got lots to share, add more panels.

  • Choice of sizes and folds
  • Custom folds available

Voucher Leaflets

Printed voucher templates that can be personalised.

  • Laser print your details
  • Good for offers

Perforated Leaflets

Features a tear-off panel for vouchers or deals.

  • Choice of 4 paper stocks
  • Perforated at 1 position

Leaflet Sizes

A6 Leaflets Printed in Cambridge

By jove! Great things can be said on small leaflets.

  • 105 x 148mm
  • Great for invites or promos

1/3 A4 Leaflets Printed in Cambridge

Tall or long, the format helps to lead the eye.

  • 99 x 210mm
  • Splendid for lists & tickets

A5 Leaflets Printed in Cambridge

This classic leaflet size is veritably versatile.

  • 148 x 210mm
  • Superb as menus or forms

A4 Leaflets Printed in Cambridge

Make your message magnificent with a large leaflet.

  • 210 x 297mm
  • For fabulous inserts

Square Leaflets Printed in Cambridge

An unusual shape stands out in a world of rectangles.

  • 210 x 210mm
  • Good for handouts

A3 Leaflets Printed in Cambridge

Get noticed with a super-sized leaflet.

  • 297 x 420mm
  • Perfect for posters

Your Artwork

Upload your file

If you already have a leaflet design, you just need to choose what kind of card takes your fancy, then upload your file. Once you’ve checked out, we’ll get it onto the printing press right away.

Use a template

Don’t have a design? Don’t worry, you can personalise one of our professionally designed business card templates. Browse industry specific designs, then edit with your details and logos.

Get a bespoke design

If you want something that’s totally unique to your business, ask us to quote you for a bespoke business card design. We will create something smashing for you.


Which business leaflet is right for me?

That’s an excellent question. And the answer really depends on what you’re going to be using your leaflet for. If you need them for a county-wide door drop, we’ll probably suggest one of our lighter papers which tend to be more cost effective for high quantities. For promotions, nothing grabs attention quite like a glossy finish. Or, for a more prestigious event, we’d like to introduce you to our premium, silky leaflets.

Speak to us, Cambridge printing.com about what style is right for you and your business. We have vast experience in helping all different sectors get their message across in just the right way.

Should I get single or double-sided?

The next time you are handed a leaflet or a piece of marketing material, try and take note of what you do. We’re willing to bet you look at the front, then flip it over to see what is on the back. As humanoid beings, we’re naturally curious creatures and always looking to explore. This mentality goes for travelling, finding out what the neighbours are doing and also when handed something new.

You’ll find that most of our double sided leaflets are either the same cost (or only slightly more) than our single sided leaflets. We can produce whatever you feel is right for your business, but we prefer not to see a side go to waste.

Should I do my own artwork or get a designer to do it?

Your leaflets have a job to do, and they can only do that with careful consideration given to the content and layout. So, we’d recommend getting a graphic designer to produce your artwork for you. Did I mention that we have talented designers? They’re ready and willing to produce some fantastic designs for you no matter what your budget.